Esculpta, the brand that specialises in men’s jewellery, cock rings and luxurious men’s accessories, has just released the JockRing Summit Heritage Signature edition. It is not very often that the brand comes up with a new design so this is big news for those of you who are fans of cock rings or luxurious accessories. In a brief chat we had with the brand, they explained to us that creating a new piece of jewellery takes a lot of time, and certainly a lot longer than producing an underwear line. The process involves design and sketches on paper which are then tested on hard materials, moulding testing and making, prototypes and final alterations before going into production. And in the case of Esculpta, every single piece is made by hand which adds time and of course value to everything they produce.

The JockRing Summit Heritage Signature edition by Esculpta is wearable art. Most of you know the benefits of cockrings when it comes to underwear, but this goes well beyond that. Not only it will enhance your package and become a unique piece that you can enjoy under any underwear but it will have your name on it. After many trials, Esculpta came up with a personalised cock ring, unique as far as we know in the general men’s underwear industry. The “Jockring” as the brand calls it is made from rubber and 925 sterling silver. The construction of it allows it to be adjusted in length so you get the right grip for your package. The silver part features a beautiful, museum worthy, floral engraving which on top can have your name or any word you wish, debossed on a little silver plaque.

Below are some photos of the product and some of them as NSFW. If you like what you see, you should check the website of Esculpta and order yours to be made today!

Esculpta jockring-summit-heritage-signature-commitment-rings Esculpta jockring-summit-heritage-signature-commitment-rings Esculpta jockring-summit-heritage-signature-commitment-rings