We are delighted to show you today one more exclusive editorial for the pages of Men and Underwear, photographed under the bright sun of the Greek island of Skiathos. This multi-part editorial features a well-known face for our magazine, Greek model Stathis Kapravelos and the Triple White Trunks by Bluebuck available from our store. White is one of the most popular underwear colours, a colour that shines without screaming for attention. At the same time this particular pair by Bluebuck is a perfect example of underwear that stands out via its simplicity. Stathis, looking great as ever, has taken these into consideration and is seen in very simple and elegant poses driving all the attention to this bright, organic cotton made, pair of all white trunks. This underwear is sold only in select retailers around the world and one of the very few is Men and Underwear – The Shop. We will talk more about it in the next few weeks, but until then, enjoy the beautiful photos below.