We are delighted to show you yet another work by the hugely talented BigShotPhoto featuring model Dillan Wicklund in underwear by Smuggling Duds. The underwear was supplied to us by Smuggling Duds so we asked the model to tell us what he thinks about it. This is what Dillan said:

I really liked these! I would love to collaborate with Smuggling Duds again. This is of the most comfortable pairs of boxer briefs I have ever tried on. Nice feel, great fit and attractive design, stylish and very comfortable. They felt great and I could wear them around the house, work out in and the ladies like them as well. I think they could have more designs and more colours to chose from.

Dillan is wearing the Viking print, part of the North Sea collection of Smuggling Duds. This print features a shield, swords, axes, runes and valknut (Odin’s symbol consisting of three interlocked triangles to remember slaying warriors) grey pattern with the red Raven that used to fly on the flags of the most famous Viking long ships.

Great photography as usual by BigShotPhoto capturing Dillan in some nice and relaxing poses.