Our dear friends and fellow underwear bloggers at Underwear News Briefs have just opened their very own shop selling a huge range of brands to their customers in the USA. The much anticipated launch of UNB Store was officially announced today with over 20 brands to choose from and free shipping on every order over 50 USD. We couldn’t be happier about this new venture from the guys; they have been writing, like us, about underwear for years so they really know their stuff! The brands selected are mostly from the North and South America but some are from Europe, Asia and Australia. Among others, you can find the latest designs by 2EROS, Jack Adams, JOR, PPU and Private Structure to name a few.

This is a new beginning for the guys at UNB and your support is vital! If you are living in the USA go check it out and show your support by getting a few new pairs of underwear from them. We will present what’s new from their store on a regular basis but you can also subscribe to their newsletter to get notified about their latest additions and exclusive offers!

Below are just a few of the designs they have but there is so much more in UNB Store for you to see!

Private Structure underwearJack Adams underwear2eros underwear