Skiviez celebrates summer with some very exciting new products by the popular men’s underwear brand Intymen. The collection has almost everything you need for the hot months coming, plus, something special for a vacation near a lovely beach where you may feel like wearing something sporty yet sexy.

The majority of new products, as you can imagine, are swimwear. Intymen is clearly a brand that moves with the changing times, following and setting new trends. The entire new collection from this label speaks volumes about what summer 2017 calls and what the male anatomy needs during the hot months. From tie-dye prints and gypsy patterns, the collection expands to fashionable solids and vibrant modern prints. What remains unchanged in every new catalog by Intymen is the sporty feel present in every single product and some enhancing pouches for a rounder, fuller look.

Check out a selection with the products we liked most from the new collection but do make sure you go and check all the rest at Remember to get your swimwear early this year and allow time for shipping well before you go on holidays.