The brand we are presenting today is SKEW. It was launched just a few days ago and it is designed and based in Leeds, UK. The first collection is a contemporary take on classic underwear for men with individual style. It comprises brief and boxer briefs in black or white with contrasting waistbands. The main focus of this new label is to offer underwear of quality and unparalleled style. They sourced high standard manufacturers and produced underwear with a bespoke woven waistband and an enhancing U-shaped pouch.

The waistband is 4,5 cm wide and super soft to hug the body without feeling restrictive. The pouch is contoured to give you space and on the inside features a U-shaped band which cradles and gently lifts your front making it look fuller. The fabric is one of the most popular, still, among men: a cotton (95%) and elastane (5%) blend. Things get even more interesting in the logo design. The typography is influenced by British Rave posters of the 90’s: bold text and outlined fonts. The logo is featured on the waistband with the outlined letters repeated and once in solid, opaque font; very stylish!

The first collection is quite compact and we expect big things from this brand. It shows a brand that cares about its designs and, most importantly, on the way they look on their customers. We know that many of you like the protection and enhancement if a U-shaped lining and this brand is a celebration of it! At the same time, we found the waistband design a nice, new take on athletic underwear design.

Enjoy some of the first lifestyle images released by SKEW. The model is Ellis Lacey and the photographer is Annie Raistrick.

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