The underwear we put to the test today is the Hip Brief from the SilkCut collection of Tani. The SilkCut collection features a range of different styles in solids and prints. All the garments are made from the trademark micro modal fabric of renowned Austrian fabric manufacturer Lenzing. Tani is one of the few (if not the only one) men’s underwear brand that uses this fabric, which is truly exceptional. The specific pair was furnished by Tani.

One of the first things you notice about the hip brief of Tani is the wide sides. This style sits between a classic brief style and a trunk, something I would describe as a normal rise, square cut brief. I am more of a low rise briefs fan myself but I must say this style is comfortable. The sides hug your hips nicely and they are not long enough to ride up after a few hours, something I find a bit uncomfortable in most trunks. The legs have a nice opening that is not restrictive at all and the pouch is contoured to offer just enough space to provide support. The pouch is lined and wider following the visual style of a classic briefs’ front with vertical piping on either side. The waistband is 3cm wide with the ends of the elastic sewn (not glued) together on the side of the garment. This pair of hip briefs is made in China and the overall construction of the garment is good. My expert’s eye caught some misaligned details, especially on the crotch, possibly the outcome of panels not cut with extreme precision. The stitching is nicely done with almost no loose threads and is flat everywhere on the garment.

What is truly exceptional about this pair is the fabric. You will fall in love with it the moment you get it your hands. When you put it on you realise how lightweight it is and how silky micro modal feels against the skin. The exact mix of this fabric is 94% micro modal and 6% elastane; It is more stretchy than your average cotton 95%, elastane 5% blend, most brands use, and a lot lighter. It responded really well after washing twice in 40 degrees. It retained the initial shape perfectly and it din’t loose any of its softness. Lenzing is a master in fabric making. The label of this Austrian manufacturer on any underwear is a guarantee of exceptional quality and this hip briefs by Tani are no exception.

I referred to the waistband briefly already. It is sewn together on the side and despite that sometimes this could cause a friction against the skin, I must admit I felt no irritation at all. The waistband is custom made for Tani and is super soft. On the inside there is an extra layer from a soft material and on the outside the Tani logo is discreetly carved into the design.

Overall the Hip Brief of the SilkCut collection of Tani is a pair of underwear good for all your everyday activities. It is a normal rise brief with a square cut and wide sides. I worn it at the gym and it responded perfectly. Micro modal is soft, moisture wicking and retains its shape better than cotton. We totally recommend it.