We are happy to show you today one more men’s underwear brand, we think, you should know about: Kronis. We came across it very recently but it has been present in the market since 2015. Kronis specialises in making quality trunks at a very competitive price.

Kronis has collaborated with young designers in Italy to create its silhouettes. The whole collection is made from one of the most popular fabric blends in the industry: cotton and elastane. This fabric has the benefit of being soft and stretchy so it clings on your skin following every move. The design is sleek and sophisticated, very much on the classic side which makes their trunks great for everyday wear. The brand has chosen quality materials and contemporary colour ways which makes its collection very easy to wear by men of all ages. The main challenge for Kronis was to offer good quality garments but keep the cost, to the final consumer, low.

Kronis believes that it can match, if not better, big name brands on quality, style and comfort, without passing on the unnecessary overheads such as heavy marketing, models on billboards and fancy packaging. On top of that the brand is sold only from its own outlet on Amazon cutting agent fees and wholesale mark ups. By cutting all the extra expenses Kronis manages to sell, one of its most popular products (a 2-pack of great, low rise, trunks) at way less than 20 USD, meaning less than 10 dollars per pair. You may not see great campaigns, imagery of stunning models posing in their garments, fancy websites or designer packaging but isn’t it the underwear itself that counts in the end?

Have a look at some of the brand’s designs below and stay tuned as a review (or two) of their products is coming soon!

Kronis underwear Kronis underwear Kronis underwear