One more highly anticipated men’s swimwear collection this year is about to be released in two weeks. Canadian label Garcon Model releases on the 15th of July the QUANTUM swimwear and Men and Underwear got you a sneak peek to see what it looks like!

For those of you who think science is not sexy, well, think again! The brand chose the name QUANTUM for its new swimwear collection. Quantum in physics is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. The new swimwear come only in skimpy swim briefs and in four, bright and fresh designs. The prints feature dots, lines and shapes in bright colours, celebrating physics and science in a Garcon Model way! The classic designs of the brand’s swimwear get a new look and are taken to a whole new level. Made from a premium lightweight and quick drying material, QUANTUM aims to make you feel as good as you look.

The Canadian brand celebrates the release of the new collection with a sweepstake. Those of you who live in the US or Canada can take part for a chance to win a pair of swimwear of your choice. Terms, conditions and how to take part can be found in the sweepstake form.

For the campaign of the new collection the brand worked with one of the top photographers in the world today, Rick Day. The model chosen is Spanish engineer and Instagram sensation Ignacio Pérez Rey. The location is no other than the town of Sitges in Spain’s Catalonia region.