French brand X-Ban, exclusively available from Planet Undies has just released two new styles of tanga underwear, the tanga briefs and tanga thongs. The tanga underwear shape is defined by the absence of sides and is perfect for men who want the less fabric possible in their everyday underwear. What defines these two tanga styles by X-Ban is a difference in the back coverage. The Tanga Briefs are more of a classic men’s tanga style with a full covered back. Have a look at them here. The Tanga Thong is more towards a classic thong style featuring a narrow triangular panel at the back leaving much of your buttocks exposed. You can see them all here. The great news for the fans of such underwear is that both styles come in a quite big range of colours to choose from. The retail price is 17.90 euros for the tanga thongs and 18.90 euros for the tanga briefs. Have a look at some of the styles below and make sure to follow the links above to see the whole range.