One of the most loved publications in the men’s underwear industry is the Rufshouse magazine by Rufskin. The first issue dates back to 2013 and presented the Summer collection of the California based label. 21 issues or 5 years after, if you prefer, many things remain unchanged, to the pleasure of the fans of the brand. Founders of Ruskin, Hubert Pouches and Douglas Coats are always actively involved in direction and photography and model Logan Swiecki Taylor, sometimes alone and sometimes joined by other models, is posing in the new collections presented in the pages of the magazine. Many brands lost their way or changed course through the years which, since its beginning in 2002, was never the case with Rufskin. Always true to its own aesthetic, the brand set trends for many others within the industry. Each collection expresses the sexy, futuristic, masculine and athletic character that made this brand a success the world over and each Rufhouse magazine is one more way to appreciate and enjoy its own, unique and creative style.

The latest edition of Rufhouse magazine features editorials and the official campaign of the brand shot in Puerto Rico. Logan Swiecki Taylor is posing in the beautiful new swimwear, sports wear and street wear of the brand, joined by Warren Hernandez. Photography is by Hubert Pouches, location scouting and production by Douglas Coats. Enjoy some of the 136 pages of the magazine below and flick through the rest of the pages here.