We are quite excited to expand our collection from UK based brand Bluebuck in Men and Underwear – The Shop. Our latest additions are two briefs from the Sports Collection of the brand which comprises eco-friendly underwear made from a mix of organic cotton, elastane and Seaqual. SEAQUAL™ is a non-profit organisation which collaborates with Spanish fishermen to remove plastic waste from the ocean. This plastic waste is brought back to shore and sent to a recycling facility where it gets cleaned, treated and reinvented as yarn. These yarns are mixed with cotton and elastane to create the fabric this underwear is made from! The whole procedure results in a 40% reduction of water consumption, 50% energy saved and a 60% reduction in carbon emissions! No need to mention that these briefs are extremely comfortable just like every other underwear style of Bluebuck. This brand has a growing and very loyal fan base and ranks among the brands with the best feedback we get from people who tried it.

The two new briefs are the Bluebuck Red Briefs and the Bluebuck Navy Blue Briefs. Both are made in Portugal with the same fabric we described above in melange colours. In order to achieve this beautiful melange, the fabric maker used a technique were the dye gets absorbed by the cotton yarn only, leaving the Seaqual yarns in their original, off white colour. The final effect is just amazing that needs to be looked up close in order to be fully appreciated! Both red and navy blue briefs are combined with a new waistband for Bluebuck in dark blue with a red stripe running along the middle and the Bluebuck logo front and centre.

Below are the product shots of the new underwear plus some lifestyle images to see them in action! If you like what you see, go to the Bluebuck section in our shop and get yourself a pair or more!

Bluebuck red recycled mens underwear briefs Bluebuck underwear navy-blue-recycled-mens-brief Bluebuck underwear navy-blue-recycled-mens-brief Bluebuck underwear navy-blue-recycled-mens-brief Bluebuck underwear navy-blue-recycled-mens-brief