Two new jockstrap ranges from HUNG have just been added to the collection of jock specialist store Mesh and Strapless.

The HUNG mesh jockstraps feature a contoured and slightly larger than the average fashion jockstrap pouch. The pouch is made from an athletic mesh, which is also quite stretchy so it could be perfect for well endowed guys. The waistband measures 1.5 inches (that’s a bit less than 4 cm) and features a single stripe and a label with the name of the brand in the centre. The leg straps are quite thick and measure 1 inch (that’s about 2.5 cm). The mesh jockstraps are available in four colours: Grey, Black, Royal Blue, and White.

The HUNG strapless mesh jockstrap features a similar pouch to the above, but the absence of leg straps will push your front up and forward. It is made with an athletic mesh and there is lining on the inside. All around it there is an elastic piping to hold everything in. The waistband is the same as in the mesh jockstraps with the HUNG label at the front centre. These come is four colours:

Have a look at the product shots below and if you like them, go at and grab your favourite colours.