By Aggeliki Douma

We are very happy to introduce a new online store that launched in January and features its own brand as well: Debriefed Underwear. The creator of the UK based store, Kit Wilde, is not stranger to the underwear world. He is a regular contributor to online men’s underwear blogs, posting reviews, along with a generous supply of photographs to demonstrate the fit of the underwear review. Having worked for many in-store as well as online underwear retailers, Wilde seems to know his way in the field.

So what about his new venture, Debriefed Underwear? What does the brand stand for?

As Kit Wilde said, Debriefed is all about inclusion. They started with a few established brands from the USA and UK as well as their own Debriefed Collections, which offer affordable underwear in various styles to suit almost any budget and they wish to introduce more brands and carry a slightly more diverse selection of underwear styles in the near future.
With an emphasis on “we”, their brand identity follows the same theme of inclusion and promises a much more diverse and inclusive business ethos. In fact, the brand recently invited and encouraged men of all shapes and sizes to get involved with photoshoots, and is looking to extend their newly released “Barred Collection” to include larger sizes too. Wilde also said that they are working on a more inclusive size selection in the store.

Their first brand shoot, featuring their lines of underwear, included some familiar faces to the underwear world, as well as some fresh ones. Recent photoshoots have seen some big names, with appearances from Mickey Taylor and Koby Lewis, but appealing to any body confident man to become involved, in line with their mantra. Take a look at some of our favourite photos.