French luxury label Kale Owen has just launched three new mens underwear lines at Planet Undies: Boom, Dark Flower and King Owen. All three feature new prints on high quality fabrics and are part of the fun and artistic Owen Fashion collection. Each line comprises underwear in seven different cuts.

The Boom line features a funky print, an explosion of colours! It is fun and uplifting, perfect to lift your spirits on a grey day!

The Dark Flower line features one of the most classy floral prints we have seen this season! In tones of grey, the flowers and leaves prints create a very elegant visual.

The King Owen line features a very chic print with gold crowns on a dark chocolate brown background. A stylishly fashionable print, perfect to wear under a suit.

Have a look at a selection of cuts from all three lines below. If you like what you see, follow the link at the beginning of the article to go directly to the brand’s section at Planet Undies and find out more about them.