One of the most recent trends in the men’s underwear fashion is collaborations with artists for the creation of unique prints. The use of polyester fibres allows digital printing with vibrant colours and graphics with clarity and detail. A perfect example is no other than Canadian brand MyPakage. The label announced on its website and social media a new collaboration for its 2018 collection with, also Canadian, artist Lurk.

Russ Morland (aka Lurk), from the west coast of Canada, is an entrepreneur and tattooist. He has an active collaboration with the brand since 2013, designing amazing prints for four collections already. His original creatures, monsters and sense of humour have plenty of fans the world over, ourselves included! Have a look below at his past collaborations with MyPakage as well as the vibrant prints coming in 2018! Remember that from all the prints you are about to see, the only one available at this moment is the “Lurkandia” of 2017.

And here is a peek of what is coming next year. The two prints below (Intergalurktic and Lurking in the jungle) are not yet available, but will be released as limited edition in the Action Series by MyPakage in 2018.