After launching its pre-fall lines, Greek label Modus Vivendi starts the release of its Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection with a line called and inspired by Salvador Dalí. The Dali line comprises underwear and sportswear in daring colour combinations and unusual patterns. As far as the underwear goes there are three styles available: briefs, backless briefs and boxer briefs.

The line represents an inspiration taken from The Persistence of Memory, one of Dali’s most famous paintings. The melting clocks, dream like feel and symbolism were put into an experimental design approach with almost surreal colour combinations and shapes.

The campaign of this line is exceptional! The interpretation, not only of the line but that of Dalí’s work and Surrealism in general, by visionary Joan Crisol and art director Fede Pouso, is truly remarkable. Apart from The Persistence of Memory, many of you will identify references to more of Dalí’s works in the photos.

Enjoy the second part of the campaign below and the behind the scenes video. If you missed the first part of the campaign we published earlier you can see it here.

Underwear: Modus Vivendi
Photographer: Joan Crisol
Model: Alejandro Bueno
Art Director: Fede Pouso
Video: Raul Flory
Location: Madrid, Spain