Daddy Underwear and Honcho are two brands introduced in the men’s underwear industry together. At the same time, in December 2016, both labels launched and became available to men worldwide. If you take a closer look at what each brand is offering, you can see that despite the fact that they were launched together, they are distinct in terms of style and look. Each, offers a different take on what men need with different cuts and styling.

The new collections, both labels offer, this season pay much attention to masculinity combined with sheer panels and comfortable cuts. Both brands strive to focus on showing off your front in terms of shape but also literally, without sacrificing comfort. And in a way they do succeed! Possibly the best place to see the largest range from both brands’ collection this year is definitely Skiviez. Skiviez is one of the most popular men’s underwear and swimwear stores, providing affordable fashion to men who seek statement underwear or just something different for a special night or outfit.

Honcho Underwear

The brand’s designs this season include a lot of mesh to keep them breathable but also sexy. Cuts on the sides and different pouch options make them look striking. They are designed to be eye-catching but fully functional and comfortable at the same time. Some of their most distinctive pieces from the new collection are below. You will find a lot more at Skiviez.

Daddy Underwear

Daddy Underwear has always been the naughty one that loves to reveal what’s inside. This collection too has products that would tempt and tantalise the senses, but also includes pieces which are fashion-forward and functional. The label’s celebrates diversity, so there’s something for every personality. Here are a couple of pieces, to get an idea, below but there is a lot more to see at Skiviez.