Today we show you a very interesting brand from Germany called 4 Hunks. 4 Hunks was founded in Berlin in June 2012 by fashion designer Marcos Suzuki. The brand since its first collection aims mainly to an open minded customer base offering a gay fashion label that stands for freedom and the right of people to stand for their believes. The motto of the brand is “Live Life to the Most!” which translates perfectly into 4 Hunks’ sexy men’s underwear designs. Their collection represents a world of magic and fantasy, a call for every man to feel special, sexy and proud.

Now, many of you will probably wonder if the name of the brand suggests that is only for “hunks” type of men. On the contrary, 4 Hunks is offering a four size collection (small to extra large) and a big variety of styles for any body type. The brand’s aim is to help you look your best and feel sexy, therefore wanting you to have the best time of your life.

Looking into their collection in more detail, we were very happy to see a variety of fabrics used such as cotton, polyester and viscose among others. 4 Hunks designs clothing that fits and enhances and prides itself for the great quality of the material and manufacturing. Their collection is creative and innovative but not overdesigned. It’s fresh and seductive, modern and masculine. Their current underwear comes in briefs and jocks in different styles and colours.  Their most interesting “Sportishwear” collection comprises a range of singlets, muscle tanktops, athleisure and accessories.

4 Hunks is definitely a brand you should try.

Check out some of the promo images, the brand has very recently released, below:

4 Hunks underwear - Spider Jock 1

4 Hunks underwear -Jock W1.3

4 Hunks underwear -Undewerar BLN 300 W.1.3

4 Hunks underwear - Brief 340 Werbung Black

4 Hunks underwear - Singlet Mesh 4 Hunks Catcher Lad Fron 2

4 Hunks underwear - Singlet Mesh 4 Hunks Catcher Lad Side 2

4 Hunks underwear - Singlet Mesh 4 hunks Catcher Lad Side