The popular and fashionable men’s underwear brand Pistol Pete recently introduced their vast collection of new arrivals at Mensuas and it is everything that needs to be seen. The brand has been providing men with some really exotic and designer underwear to the modern male population for a long time. At Mensuas you’d be able to find the functional and fashionable collections offered by the label.

From the conventionally modern designs, wearers would be able to find pieces that are a clear indication of what you seek and desire. With wording such as “Man Candy” featured, your intentions wearing it would be more than clear!

The collection has a gamut of men’s underwear and swimwear styles including briefs, trunks, tank tops, thongs, shorts, compression singlets, pants, hoodies, and a lot more. There are some features you’ll be able to find in the collection when you sign up for the products.

Undying support

Every piece by Pistol Pete provides the sporty, supportive appeal that makes you feel confident about the functionality of the products you choose. The mesh underwear enhances the breathability whereas; the construction is aimed to keep your manhood front and centre for the same purpose.

Masculine appeal

Take a look at the collection recently launched and you wouldn’t have any doubts that are circling around you right now. If you can’t do that, the images provided below are the ones that’ll shoo away all your doubts. The sturdy waistband with fabrics that keep a strong grip on the assets makes the fashionable underwear very masculine on the whole.

Colours for all your moods

Don’t you think colours play an important role in letting others know your mood? Well, when it comes to Pistol Pete’s new offerings, you can choose from the variety of colours depending on what you feel like. Aqua, red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, pink, orange, purple, multi-coloured prints just to name a few… the options are endless.

Find out some of our favourite products available at below: