It’s great to have this review from Jack about Nasty Pig’s Union Suit. The underwear comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, and three colours, black, red and army green. It’s made from a cotton/spandex mix and is machine washable. The cuffs at the arm and leg are elasticated for a snug fit. Nasty Pig has produced these garments now for three years, in limited runs. So, watch out for them on your favourite e-shops and of course on NP’s own site. And grab yourself one when you can!

Underwear review from Jack for Men and Underwear

Comfort in a cold climate.

The boiler gave up the ghost a few weeks ago, and while that wouldn’t normally matter, living out in the countryside, surrounded by forests, I started feeling the cold as winter began to draw in.

So, a friend sent me a Union Suit. Not something I might have thought of myself, but I am pleased he did.

Normally, I sleep in boxers. But with the temperature falling it wasn’t comfortable any more. I light a log fire in the mornings and evenings, but it tends to stay cold in the bedroom. Wearing the Union Suit, I enjoy the cold air in there.

The suit has press studs all the way down the front, around the crotch and up to the small of the back, so the body stays warm all over. And there’s nothing as comfortable. The material stretches with your limbs, feels soft and comfortable and stays dry.

I’ve even been outside in it, in the morning to collect wood. It raised an eye from the post man, and drew a smile on both our faces. Even in December.