by Triston Brewer

The commitment to luxury and innovative style are never lost on Belgian designer Dirk Bikkembergs and his collection of male underwear. The Belgian label is available at XXXMadrid and provide the high quality materials and design that fans have come to expect.

Bikkembergs 3018 Red Microfiber brief

These microfiber briefs maintain all of the qualities admirers of the Bikkembergs label have come to expect and more. The customised sports mesh design ensures skin breathes comfortable and the distinctive logo from the brand ensures they stand out.


Bikkembergs 3018 Blue Microfiber brief

Even during the most intense activity, the Bikkembergs microfiber sports mesh slip works to keep men cool and confident in a stylish way. Featuring the brand’s footballer logo and a U-shaped cup for the best fit, the slip enhances the male silhouette like no other.


Bikkembergs 3016 Grey brief

The finer details are an integral apart to the Bikkembergs design, and these sporty underwear in grey with blue lining are created for additional comfort for active men. With double lining, a centre seam, and 5% elastane to hug the body, the Bikkembergs commitment to style and quality remains intact.


Bikkembergs 3016 Blue Slip

These blue and grey underwear from the Bikkembergs label are designed for comfort and the sportive man. The stylish cut and elastic keep these slips true to form and provide the ultimate in support.


Bikkembergs 3017 brief

Staying true to the Bikkembergs form and ramping up the style factor, these underwear maximise support, feature a double pre-formed liner, and silver screws in the front to add an intricate industrial touch. The metallic waistband with the company logo front and centre result in an overall look that is a fashionable statement.


Bikkembergs Modal 3021 Dark

For premium styled underwear that provide the comfort and style like no other, Bikkembergs offers their 3017 series in black. Featuring a front pocket with two side seams, a dual front lining, and elastic for a snug fit, these dark briefs are a welcome addition to their collection.


Bikkembergs Modal 3021 Light

As a luxurious addition to the Bikkembergs brand, these underwear are stylish, snug, and guaranteed to be comfortable by design. With the distinctive brand’s logo printed on the front, these light underwear are the perfect complement to their darker pieces.


Bikkembergs 3014 White Slip

Excellent materials yield excellent results, and Bikkembergs proves that once again with these underwear that have been created for the active man. Available in white and featuring a simple, slow cut, double lining, and their classic embroidering, these are a great addition to a man’s collection.