Today’s underwear review is of the Series C Modal Low-Waist Boxer Brief by King Style. The item was supplied to us by King Style and is part of their Series C collection. King Style is a mens underwear brand based in Taiwan. They launched in 1999 under the name “King Size” which was changed to the current “King Style” in 2003. They offer 5 Series of underwear, each with its own unique features. Their designs are patented in countries such as Australia, Taiwan, USA, Japan and China. A huge thanks to Marc Delavigne for carrying out this review.

Underwear review: King Style - Series C Modal Low-Waist Boxer Brief

Review by Marc for Men and Underwear blog

Every guy must have experienced the discomfort of squeezing, bending or rubbing in his nether regions, when his underwear didn’t provide the appropriate space in the right place, particularly during physical exercise. The designers at King Style, a brand based in Taiwan, have developed a unique system of 5 series of underwear letting you choose how and where you prefer to carry your private parts: directed upwards or downwards, inside the “main room” of the undergarment (close to the body) or outside in an extra pouch separated by a layer of fabric. After a recent review of a Series D brief (where your manhood is lying downwards in an outside pocket), today’s article is having a closer look at a complementary style of the Series C that also features an outside pouch but stores your joystick upright.
The Modal Low-Waist Boxer Brief immediately struck me optically with its bright neon-yellow colour, exactly to my taste (just for the waistband design I would have personally preferred some more contrast). 
The fabric (91% Rayon, 9% Spandex) is very light, thin and soft, ideal for a warm summer day. It stretches nicely and thus gives you perfect freedom of movement. The design strategy works well: there is no skin-to-skin rubbing; all parts of your anatomy have the room they want, and my little friend appreciates its upright, unbent comfort. Despite the built-in uplifting effect, this boxer brief looks very decent and can be worn visibly without any hesitation. However, be warned that the external, sleeve-shaped pouch is open to the top. So if you find something (or somebody) too “interesting”, the effect might be embarrassing (or really hot, depending on the situation).
The production quality looks excellent. The manufacturer even managed to cut the waist band such that no text fragments appear. The brand name is printed on the front and rear side, in both cases exactly centered. The care instructions are printed on the fabric inside, there are no itchy labels.
The Modal Low-Waist Boxer Brief is definitely a comfortable and great looking piece of underwear. It is presently sold through ebay for 18 AUD (corresponding to about 12 EUR).

Underwear review: Marc Delavigne in King Style - Series C Modal Low-Waist Boxer Brief

Underwear provided by: King Style
Direct link for this product: King Style – Series C Modal Low-Waist Boxer Brief
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Sizes: medium, large, extra large, double extra large.

A big thanks to the guys at King Style for providing the product.