Written by Mensuas

Have you ever made big mistakes in your life? Well, this is one aspect that cannot be ignored or undone and everyone makes mistakes at their own level. Whether it is shopping, fashion, career, life and even your men’s underwear. No man is perfect but you can surely deteriorate the mishaps by working a proper way to make things okay below the belt.

Why not try to correct things from the basic so that you get to have unapologetic experience of buying your underneath fashion articles. This blog puts forward the mishaps done by men while choosing their intimate fashion and how to avoid it.

1. Focus on what to buy

The very first blunder that men tend to make is that they jump to conclusions while making their choices. They don’t like to shop a lot because of which, whatever appeals their eyes first, they pick it up. However, it doesn’t work that way! You must have seen women shopping online and they spend hours looking for the right pair because they know that regretting is not the option. Choose your style with utmost importance and then move on to features such as size, fabric, texture, design, cuts and more.

2. Do not repeat

You’re surely not a superstar who can afford to wear one pair of men’s brief underwear only once in his life. What this aspect actually says is that you need to avoid wearing the same article consecutively for 2 days in a row is to be avoided. You have so many reasons to avoid it including dirt stains, body fluid stains, urine stains and odour. All these are not healthy for your body and privates. Hence, change your underclothing every day without failure if you really want to enjoy the hygienic feeling.

3. Piling up the new ones on the older pairs

Have seen the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? Rebecca Bloomwood (the lead female protagonist) keeps storing her clothes in the cupboard and when she opens it, they all come over her like a flood. Well, if you are someone who does the same thing, you need to stop right there. Use your weekend wisely, de-clutter your cupboard and keep only those pairs that you think are worn by you now. Show the others the route to the trash bin.

4. Flaunting the forest

Do you know what manscaping is? Do you wear men’s bikinis? If you answered the first question with a no and the second as a yes, you are grave mistakes. Manscaping is cleaning the hairy area down there to sport something revealing like bikinis or male thongs. Whether you shave it, trim it or wax it all off, you must do something to show off the appealing-you rather than the disgusting you.

5. Flaunting your broad waistband

Did you even know that showy waistbands had a long history where prisoners showed their waistbands when they wanted to get physical with their inmates? Though, many guys back then started to flaunt their waistbands in their low waist jeans, without even knowing the facts; the trend came to an end after some years. However, you’d still find men who would flaunt this trend today. They should stop doing it right away because it doesn’t look too appealing, to be frank.

Do you make these mistakes? Can you change yourself for the better? Do let us know in the comments below.