The model we show you today is Jake Burton and his recent collaboration with photographer Michael Downs for All American Guys. Burton is a bodybuilder at heart who also enjoys fitness modelling in his spare time. He is represented by CR2 Talent from Miami. His career is starting to pick up quickly as he gets more exposure to the industry. He attended the “Mr.Olympia” competition last weekend and did multiple shoots with some of the top photographers in the industry. Be on the look out for Jake to make a big come up in the fitness industry, you will definitely hear his name again!







  • Oleg Gorshev

    Great! I enjoy these lads!

    • Ethan Morale

      Happy you like them Oleg! There’re plenty more coming!

  • Tibble22

    I preferred Jakes look before he got so big and massive. Although he’s still very nice to look at. Do whatever makes you happy, Jake.