We have received a nice article written by the team of popular men’s underwear retailer Mensuas. Its humorous but food for thought at the same time. So, do you guys bathe in your underwear? Enjoy the article below and leave your comments below. Our featured photo is model Mauricio Junior photographed by Binho Dutra for Mais Jr. Magazine.

Why Do Men Bathe With Their Underwear On?

Have you actually thought about this before that why men wear their men’s underwear and bathe? Sounds funny? Well, it might sound weird or funny but in reality, men actually do for the various reasons. When asked by a person he said that he doesn’t feel comfortable getting naked while bathing and hence, prefers to wear it and gets in the shower.

You might or might know the reasons, but you can laugh all through the way till the end of the blog with the variety of reasons given by men for the same.

  1. For the love of underwear: The other day I was with some of my friends who started off something about boxer briefs and out of nowhere he popped up this thing that he loves the fabric on his manhood so much that he bathes in it. Well, we have all kinds of friends, don’t we? He also specified that he’s in love with Xtremen Microfiber Boxers that are long, sexy and very comfortable.
  2. To save laundry: You would have seen this coming because many of us do it (including me). In order to save extra time doing the laundry, men bathe wearing the underwear. To justify the statement, when you do the laundry, you soak the pairs in the detergent for some time and rub it one by one and run under water. This takes a longer time than when you bathe, the soaking is done and you just have to apply detergent and rub. So, this is funny but practical too. You can wear any style here without being too specific.
  3. Have always bathed like that: Well, this is one reason which happens only in families which are traditional. Couldn’t get through? Well, you remember when you were young your mother gave you a bath. As you grew up, she made sure that you covered your masculinity while doing so and finally you ended up getting the habit of bathing in your skivvies. Men who do this are more likely to be a fan of the tighty whitey briefs from Agacio or Otzi.
  4. To curb sexual desires: This is scary to some and wacky to others. I was reading an article where this man said that he likes to feel himself and in order to stop this feeling, he bathes in his underwear. The shower is definitely a romantic place but only when you are two and not one.

With the pun intended, what matters is what you like to wear down there while doing anything whether it is working out, working, getting intimate or even bathing.

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  • patrick dennison

    Ludicrous. Sounds like something that has its roots in the feminist movement – teaching boys and men that their body is dirty, nasty and something that should be reviled and hidden away.

    #2 (To save laundry): Is the stupidest thing I ever heard. “To justify the statement, when you do the laundry, you soak the pairs in
    the detergent for some time and rub it one by one and run under water.”

    What MAN soaks their ‘undies’? (a term that might be appropriate for women’s undergarments, but NOT for men’s. When I hear a (gay) man use the term ‘undies’, it disgusts me. I digress, but I have to mention this as well…blond is for men; blonde, with an e, is the feminine version, reserved for ~women~. MEN are not ‘blonde’. Dammit.) Ok, as I was saying…what MAN soaks their underwear? Just throw that stuff in the washing machine and be done with it. Underwear, t-shirts and socks…can go in one load. Just separate whites and colors…whites in hot; colors in warm. Be done with it! You pussies!

    I reread, looking for other points to tear into…I’ll make it easy. #1 through #4…all of the ‘reasons’ given are ridiculous, unmanly, unmasculine and disgusting. Ok, there can be something fun about diving into a pool in your skivvies and revealing all through the wet fabric…but it’s only worthwhile if there are others around to enjoy the show. Alone in the shower or bathtub? Totally stupid. Again, if there’s someone else there to share in the eroticism…a whole different story…

  • E. Sherman

    This has nothing to do with laundry or eroticism, this is all about a silly dislike for public nudity. The same guys who shower in underwear at the gym are the same guys who change under a towel afterwards. Why would you do that if it were any of the four reasons in this article?