Some of you may remember we presented a very different underwear brand last year called “Classic Underwear”. It was a controversial presentation with the underwear of the brand taking very positive and very negative feedback. One year after, we think it’s time we talked a bit more about this brand, its new collection and retro-original style.

Classic Underwear is a pretty unique company that has been trading for over three years. It’s become known for reviving high-waste underwear styles of the past, hand made from top quality materials, in a workshop based in a small village in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. Their main goal is to make underwear that stands out from anything else available in the market, catering for the community that can appreciate (and dare to wear) something different. They are definitely not a high street brand and they don’t have any intention of becoming one. They also offer a bespoke tailoring service to customers who are looking for something from their past or a unique design of their own. Classic Underwear has been producing underwear in various sizes, fabrics and styles, always with a touch of retro styling brought back to life. There are dozens of underwear now available from them and we are truly happy to see them growing their collection to include more colours and more designs, experimenting with y-fronts, a-fronts, codpieces and more!

See below some examples of what this brand is making. If you want to try any of these or have your underwear custom made check out the brand’s official website: Classic Underwear.

Classic-Underwear-Retro-Style-Blue-brief-a-front Classic-Underwear-Retro-Style-briefs-with-codpiece Classic-Underwear-Retro-Style-briefs-with-codpiece Classic-Underwear-Retro-Style-Blue-brief-y-front Classic-Underwear-Retro-Style-Blue-brief-a-front