We may be having the last hot days of summer and looking forward to the Fall-Winter collections of brands in Europe and the USA but in the southern hemisphere brands are gearing up for their summer, releasing one after the other, new swimwear. One of these brands is the always creative 2EROS and one of their upcoming designs is the V10 Birds of Paradise swimwear.

The V10 Birds of Paradise is a low rise swim brief and even though the cut is classic enough what is really captivating is the print. Jason Hoeung, owner and head designer of 2EROS, was inspired by the contrast of clear turquoise skies and seas with the vibrant and vivid colours of the Strelitzia flower and hummingbirds which are also iconic symbols of freedom, joy and of course paradise itself. He designed a unique print, incorporating as usual the two-circle symbol of 2EROS into it mixing colours and shapes into a real work of art. What is also brilliant about this swimwear is that all the weight of the artwork falls on the back of the garment, leaving an almost clean turquoise front with a print detail on one side. It’s just stunning!

The V10 Birds of Paradise swimwear will launch officially on the e-store of 2EROS on Monday 29th of August 2016.

V10 Birds of Paradise 2eros swimwear 02