The guys at Jockstrap Central have expanded their Maskulo range of fetish yet sporty gear with some new Open Back Leggings with a removable cod piece. These meggings are made from a soft pleather with quilted thighs and calf padding. Their exclusive model Caleb King is taking them for a test run below and he seems super comfortable in them! Enjoy the shots and have a look at Jockstrap Central for more shot with Caleb and more items by Maskulo.

Caleb King - jockstrap-central-maskulo-leggings-01 33

Caleb King - jockstrap-central-maskulo-leggings-3

Caleb King - jockstrap-central-maskulo-leggings-4

Caleb King - jockstrap-central-maskulo-leggings-12

Caleb King - jockstrap-central-maskulo-leggings-15

Caleb King - jockstrap-central-maskulo-leggings-25

Caleb King - jockstrap-central-maskulo-leggings-26

Caleb King - jockstrap-central-maskulo-leggings-28

Caleb King - jockstrap-central-maskulo-leggings-31