A new collection of jockstraps and harnesses by fetish wear brand Breedwell has just been launched at Jockstrap Central. Breedwell is based in New York and specialises in LED gear which, according to the brand, helps light up nightlife and your sex life! Combining innovation with pure fetish gear, this brand, fits perfectly with the collection Canadian retailer Jockstrap Central offers to its customers. The main feature of the Glow Jocks and Harnesses by Breedwell is LED light strips. These are not some short of a cheap gimmick, on the contrary, the designs are pending a patent and are made as a high standard club wear or fetish wear. Included lithium batteries power the light strips and feature two and sometimes three light modes – solid, slow pulse and fast pulse. Each Glow item comes with USB cables to charge them up and with a 2 hour charge expect from 6 to 20 hours of glow time (depending on which setting you choose).

The Canadian retailer called upon Caleb King to pose in the new designs. The photos below are sexy but mostly suitable for work. In the website of Jockstrap Central and in the specific section of Breedwell you will see a lot more of Caleb in quite many NSFW poses and shots.