Underwear review for Men and Underwear by Ethan Morale.
Today’s review is for the Paris Trunk by Ken Wroy. You’ve may have read some of our posts in the past about this brand, where we highlighted their unique designs and prints, or a more recent post about Ken Wroy’s new collection, inspired by the fashion capitals of the world, which we loved! It was a pleasure to get our hands on a pair of trunks from this new collection. And what could be better than a Paris theme!

Starting with the print, for someone like me who has been living in France and enjoying the culture, the food and the heritage of this country, it was a nice surprise to see a brand from the other side of the Atlantic creating a print that is almost a tribute, in a pleasant and humorous way, to Paris. Anyone would recognise the references. There’s the Eiffel Tower and the pyramid of the Louvre Museum, and a cheeky ‘boulingerie’ … and a bottle of wine over the façade of Notre Dame! The print is really cool and, what’s better, its dyed! Underwear with rubber-stamped prints tend to brake or flake in the wash, but not so with Ken Wroy. Just two washes so far, but the print is staying exactly the same as are the vibrant colours. 

The fabric of these trunks is a microfiber, polyester – spandex blend. There is a very nice, soft feel to it, nice stretch and a sheen which I found matches perfectly the shiny silver waistband. The cut is quite straight forward. Nice fit and a very well designed contour pouch from top to bottom with some extra space for comfort at the front. The pouch is not huge but the fabric’s stretch gives a nice support and very good definition. All the stitches seem sturdy, keeping everything in place and the panels are cut with precision. There is a label with washing instructions on the inside of the waistband which covers nicely the place where the waistband is put together to avoid any unpleasant friction to your skin.

Overall, the Paris Trunk by Ken Wroy stayed nice and comfortable all day long. If you are a fan of boxer-briefs / trunks this pair is great for everyday use. The microfiber fabric is soft and comfortable, a great alternative to cotton. 
A huge thanks to Ken Wroy for providing the sample.