Mainly jockstrap, by also other styles of mens underwear, retailer has just stocked two new jockstrap designs by PPU. The designs are the Sliven and Wile from the Latin American brand and here are a few details about them:
The PPU Sliven Jockstrap (1569) features a unique asymmetrically designed pouch that is a real eye catcher. The wide waistband only extends three-quarters of the way around, giving you a comfy, unique fit.
The PPU Wile (1554) Jockstrap has the silhouette of a traditional jockstrap, with a few extra straps and openings thrown in around the pouch to raise the level of sexiness. You can wear it for athletic support or just to show off your sporty side. The pouch is seamed for support and definition, and features vents on the side for extra breathability.

See both styles below and go and visit to see the rest of the colours available in these.

PPU 1569 Sliven Jockstrap


PPU 1554 Wile Jockstrap