Our Brief Talk today is with Juan Lopez. The British, based in Birmingham, model and entrepreneur caught our attention in July when we came across his great work with photographer Nick Andrews. Lopez is 25 years old but has already done catwalks, underwear campaigns and numerous shoots and promotional work. But that’s not all. He is a keen photographer and graphic designer and runs his own design and media company. A brilliant mind combined with great looks, this model can go really very far. Enjoy the interview!
Juan Lopez by Nick Andrews - Brief Talk with Men and Underwear
Juan Lopez by photographer Nick Andrews.

Name: Juan Lopez
From: Birmingham, England
Lives: Birmingham, England
Heritage: White English

Website: www.juanlopezltd.co.uk
Instagram: http://instagram.com/juanlopezmodel or @juanlopezmodel
Twitter: @juanlopezmodel

Tell us a little about yourself?

I currently run my own Design and Media Company Juan Lopez Ltd, which will also become a brand for clothing and accessories, along with modeling and acting. The sports I compete in are Football and Athletics. This helps me maintain a good physique, which develops the quality of my modeling image. As my belief in life is spiritual my time is juggled around training 6 days a week, working 7 days a week and meditating on a daily basis along with keeping a healthy high in Protein, Fiber, Iron and energy vegetarian diet.

How did you get into modelling? 
Well I unintentially got into modeling. I’m a person who mainly says yes to most new opportunities offered to me. I firstly studied Graphic Design and short-course Photography at college. From here I got to know a few other photographers already established in the industry and a few asked me to model for them, as they liked my look. Through my design work and fashion interest I got to know clothing designers who asked me to runway for their shows.

What do you love the most about your career as a model? 

I love travelling to different cities and countries. This also enables me to take images of my own while I am out and about someplace new. Next it’s meeting new people who are on the same wavelength as yourself. I have met many fantastic people over the past 6 years and have got into many deep conversations. I also love to see the final piece of what everyone has worked hard for. It’s makes it ever the more satisfying when it is your face on the final piece.

What industry of modeling would you prefer to remain in? Why? ( Ex: Fashion, Lifestyle)
I think I am at a stage at the moment where I don’t see my self in a specific category. I love acting so Lifestyle or commercial modeling blends in well with that aspect of it. I love to keep fit and progress as far in my sports as possible so with that I am able to maintain a good physique. Looking athletic and toned means I can undertake fitness and sport style shoots. Then fashion, underwear and runway I also love doing. If someone came to me and said you can only do one and choose or we choose for you I think I would allow that person to decide for me, as I love everything about modeling. However if I still continue to receive work in all fields then why not continue.

Juan Lopez by Nick Andrews - Brief Talk with Men and Underwear
Juan Lopez by Nick Andrews.

How important is underwear to you? 
Underwear is a main part of life. It’s very important for me to feel comfortable in what I wear.

What is your favorite style of underwear and why? Do you wear any other styles? 
Tight fitted boxers are the style I tend to go for. I have tried wearing loose fitted boxers before and personally I hate them. The amount of times I had to put my hands down my jeans to pull them down after riding up and people must watch and think what on earth I’m doing. Having tight fitted underwear enables everything to stay in one place and while playing sports I am able to move more freely and comfortably. 

What do you look for when shopping for underwear? 
I look for is it good material that won’t irritate my skin. I guess I have stayed with a certain brand having tried others previously. I think it’s also a much better fit having extra bulge capacity in the front of the underwear rather than a flat shape, which I guess, can suit a female but not us guys. Price is also another feature I look for and also determines the quantity I purchase.

Juan Lopez by Chaturon Konghin - Brief Talk with Men and Underwear
Juan Lopez by Chaturon Konghin.

Do you have any favorite brands? 
Calvin Klein I have mainly purchased now. I find that they wash well and are also comfortable and molds great to my body shape. I did model for Got Wood, which are made from bamboo material. This material encourages the hold of moisture that is perfect for sports. So I tend to wear them during training.

When around your home what do you typically lounge in and why? 
I don’t have a specific type of underwear to lounge in or to go out in. My process is go training come back shower change underwear for the day ahead the change when I go to bed. In the summer if it’s extremely hot I tend to just wear boxers but most of the time I wear shorts or jogging bottoms.

Juan Lopez by Chaturon Konghin - Brief Talk with Men and Underwear
Juan Lopez by Chaturon Konghin.

Juan Lopez by Nick Andrews - Brief Talk with Men and Underwear
Juan Lopez by Nick Andrews.

Juan Lopez by Chaturon Konghin - Brief Talk with Men and Underwear
Juan Lopez by Chaturon Konghin.

Photo Credits:

Model: Juan Lopez
Photographers: Nick Andrews, Chaturon Konghin.
Underwear: Calvin Klein, Got Wood.

A huge thanks to Juan for the interview and for sharing these great images with us.