Our special weekend treat for you. If you are staying in or you have some time to spare find below things we saw, read and liked on the internet over the past week from blogs, magazines and websites. Enjoy your weekend! Men and Underwear
Zane G photographed by Edmund Edwards


12 male celebrities happily and willingly showing off their underwear here

The gorgeous Zane G photographed by Edmund Edwards (pic above) at DNA magazine

Rene Grincourt was our favourite Hunk du Jour this week.

Justin Bieber seems to have a preference for Calvin Klein’s boxers. We saw him here

Andrew Morrill by Troy Wise. Brighton Beach at Boy Culture


Some really nice pairs on sale now at James Tudor

We like (a lot) these new Groom Briefs by Modus Vivendi.

Innovative new design by aussieBum Breakout. Stay tuned we will make a post about this soon!

Very interesting new underwear designs by Marek+Richard

David Gandy launches his own underwear collection (pic below) for M&S. Read more here

David Gandy launches own underwear collection for M&S