Just yesterday we made a post about the new collectionand campaign by Modus Vivendi. Well today we have some more information related to the Greek giant. VOCLA, has added some more Modus Vivendi underwear collections expanding their current stock to include:

Converter Boxer

A loin-cloth style boxer in either white or black. It can be worn as a wrap-around ‘skirt’ or the fabric panel at the bottom can be pulled to the front to create a boxer. Check it out here:


Modus Vivendi converter boxer
Latex Collection
The Latex collection at Vocla includes a boxer with front zip and drawstrings for an adjustable fit, a jockstrap with a strong high rise waistband and a short collant/tight shorts with latex side stripes and a removable pocket. Check them out here:
Modus Vivendi Latex collection

Nails Boxer
This enhancing boxer comes in a range of colours with a contrasting white jockstrap fixed to the exterior. This helps boost the appearance of the front and the buttocks. Check them out here:

Modus Vivendi Nails boxer

Royal Collection
The royal collection has a range of colourful boxers, briefs and jockstraps with a see-through striped waistband and a discreet Modus Vivendi logo to the side. Check them out here:
Modus Vivendi Royal Collection

Zipper Collection
The zipper underwear, a trademark design for Modus Vivendi, has a front zip and drawstrings sewn inside the waistband to provide an adjustable fit. Check the whole collection here:
Modus Vivendi zipper collection

All the Modus Vivendi underwear are sourced directly from the brand in Greece to guarantee authenticity and VOCLA is an authorised retailer of the brand.
Here are some videos to see the underwear… in action:

Modus Vivendi Royal collection

Modus Vivendi Zipper Collection

Modus Vivendi Nails boxer

Modus Vivendi Latex collection

Modus Vivendi Converter boxer