The series of the Greek Gods collection by Modus Vivendi is carrying on with Hephaestus line. Christos Bibitsos was inspired by the Greek God of fire and work to create one more unique underwear line with jockstraps, briefs and boxers. Denim is a fabric originally invented for cowboys. The durability and resistance to wear were the qualities which made denim jeans the ultimate clothing for workers. Denim today is among the most recognisable fashion statements.
Modus Vivendi created the Denim line, a range made of viscose and elastane jeans-look material, details in leatherette and adjustable cotton cords. There is also a big label with their logo at the back which I also found really cool. Two colours only in this range, denim black and denim blue. Prices: Jockstraps 30.90 euros, briefs 30, boxers 32.90
Available online at Modus Vivendi

modus vivndi denim line briefs
modus vivndi denim line jockstrap

modus vivndi denim line boxers
modus vivndi black denim line boxers
modus vivendi black denim line

modus vivendi black denim line back
modus vivendi blue denim line briefs