Greek brand Walking Jack released a series of photos showcasing their new collection for Spring-Summer 2023, the Micro Briefs. This is a capsule collection of the sexiest designs ever released by the brand. The Micro briefs are low-rise men’s bikinis made with organic cotton, offering minimal front and back coverage. Walking Jack is renowned for reinventing classic underwear designs. The micro briefs are a modern and attractive version of classic briefs, designed without a waistband for a sleek look. This mini collection comprises briefs in four colours: black, white, teal and navy.

The briefs’ campaign was captured by the talented Brazilian photographer Beto Urbano. He photographed the Micro Briefs in Rio with model Lucas Costa to showcase the collection’s alluring and environmentally conscious qualities. Instead of taking photos of Lucas at the famous Rio beach, the photographer opted to capture him amidst rocks, leaves, and the sky with its accompanying clouds, resulting in the colour scheme seen in this line.

Enjoy the second part of the campaign below featuring the White Micro Briefs and the Navy Micro Briefs!

Photographer: Beto Urbano
Model: Lucas Costa
Underwear: Walking Jack