One more anticipated collection from Marcuse Australia has just been released. The collection is called Superstar, and it’s been created to make you look your best and sparkiest! The Superstar Collection comprises briefs and jockstraps in three colours: white, black and gold. Marcuse’s fabric is a silky blend with a cool feel and a sheen to it. All three hues are a little sparkly and perfectly combined with a new waistband that will add one more layer of luxury to this amazing underwear. Both briefs and jocks feature a low-rise cut with contoured and single-ply pouches. The briefs come in a tanga style with open sides that most find incredibly comfortable. On the back, you will find the Marcuse trademark loop to hang the underwear to dry if you wish. The jockstraps, apart from the embroidered M logo on the pouch, feature matching to the fabric’s colour leg straps. Take a look at the product shots below and if you like what you see, visit the Marcuse section in our shop to get yourself some.