The second line of the much anticipated new collection of CODE 22 for Summer 2022 is called 2nd Skin. This line is very different from anything we have seen before from CODE 22. It is made from the trademark fabric of the brand, a cotton, modal and elastane mix but in a beige colour. Beige is a very popular colour in women’s lingerie and has been coming in and out of men’s underwear fashion for years. Many women prefer this colour because it blends nicely with any skin tone so the underwear is more subtle and, in most cases, it doesn’t show under a pair of white pants. Men have started appreciating this colour some years ago when big brands started producing beige colour underwear. Many brands went one step further to produce lines of underwear for different skin colours. CODE 22 is not going for an “invisible” underwear but more of a new take on beige which, we think, looks perfect on any skin tone. The objective is not to “disappear” but to blend in with your skin colour. This is the reason why this underwear is unlined and the fabric is thin and lightweight, so your skin tone comes through, changing slightly the colour of it.

The 2nd Skin line comes in three underwear styles: briefs, jockstrap and trunks. The rise is normal so it sits around the waist in a comfortable style. The pouch is contoured in all three underwear styles. The briefs feature a deep pouch with a centred seam running from top to bottom. On the sides there’s diagonal piping which should create more space towards the bottom part of the pouch. The trunks feature a U-shaped pouch which is very comfortable as the piping around it keeps your assets away from your thighs to avoid any friction. The jockstrap features a slightly wider U-Shaped pouch that creates the space you need in a fashion jockstrap. The waistband in all three is the same in a matching beige colour with a burnout decoration and the logo of CODE 22 discreetly placed at the front and back in black lettering.

Take a look at the three products below and if you like what you see, visit the CODE 22 section in our shop and get yourself some.

CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Briefs CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Briefs CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Trunks CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Trunks CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Jockstrap CODE 22 - 2nd Skin Jockstrap