Greek men’s underwear brand Walking Jack has just released a capsule collection of briefs and trunks in a beautiful grey melange colour and Men and Underwear – The Shop is among the first retailers to stock it! The Ash collection is the first collection in grey colours by the brand who chose three distinctive underwear styles for it: briefs, solid briefs and trunks. The difference between the briefs and the solid briefs is the fit and overall style. Think briefs as an athletic low rise pair of briefs and solid briefs as a square cut pair, normal rise with full coverage. The trunks of. this collection are longer than the Core Trunks of the brand in a similar style to their Graphic Trunks, meaning slightly longer leg.

One of the things we love about Walking Jack is their attention to detail and this underwear collection is no exception. The manufacturing (made in Portugal) is indeed immaculate! The moment you get it in your hands you can tell that the quality is there. The seams are tidy, straight and neat and the panels are cut with precision. Walking Jack uses mostly flat lock seams which is a contemporary style of putting two panels of fabric together. It is a higher quality and longer process but it makes a difference to the way it feels against the skin. This seam is flat without the excess of fabric so it doesn’t stick out nor cause irritations. The fabric of this collection is produced in Portugal, is medium weight and you can feel how soft and comfortable it is the moment you touch it. The colour is a very nice grey melange with different tones of grey mixing together, which Walking Jack combined with a black waistband. The waistband is also top quality, something you can feel when you touch it. It has a shine to it and features the logo of the brand in white letters in the middle.

Take a look at the products below with model Loren photographed by Adrian C. Martin in them. If you like what you see go the Walking Jack space in our shop and get yourself some.

Walking Jack - underwear Walking Jack - underwear Walking Jack - underwear