We’re thrilled to announce the latest additions to our collection of handmade bracelets from Zosimi Beads at Men and Underwear – The Shop. We now offer three new Square Knot designs that are simply fantastic! Zosimi Beads is not an underwear brand, but rather an accessories brand that specializes in jewelry. The founder of the brand, Sandra Lindahl, is a Swedish expat who fell in love with Greece. She draws inspiration from the beauty of beads, threads, and colours to create one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that are vibrant and have a touch of bling that we all adore!

The first of three new bracelets is the Square Knot Bracelet – Black and Copper. This is a reversible black with copper bracelet in one size, adjustable to fit most, with glass beads on the clasp. The second is the Square Knot Bracelet – Black and Silver. This is also reversible, black with silver bracelet with a nice touch of shine and stainless steel beads on the clasp! The third is the Square Knot Bracelet – Black and Mottled Silver. This reversible bracelet features black and mottled silver cords in a macrame pattern and stainless steel details. These bracelets have an adjustable clasp and beads that make them easy to put on and take off. The cords are also colourful and eye-catching, making them ideal for accessorizing your outfit on a night out and attracting attention.

Take a look at the three new bracelets below, and if you like what you see, visit the Zosimi Beads space in our shop and buy one or more for yourself or someone you love!