Plastic, sweaty and revealing. No, we are not talking about underwear but about the new ICE Shorts by McKillop just launched at Jockstrap Central. Advanced technologies in fabric manufacturing have allowed brands to experiment with new materials and among those, transparent and semi transparent plastic (100% polyester) fabrics are used in coats, jackets, pants and shorts! McKillop is known for working with a variety of fabrics and producing sexy styles, so such innovation could not miss from their collection.

The ICE shorts are white semi-transparent shorts with retro styling and colourful trims. The cut is similar to old school gym shorts turned into a sports-fetish-meets-fashion style. You can wear them on top of your underwear or tights and if you dare you could go commando under certain circumstances. You should be warned though that they are made of plastic so you will get sweaty which in turn will make the fabric even more transparent. There are five coloUr variations, all in the same translucent plastic with trim in either black, blue, orange, red or yellow.

Exclusive to Jockstrap Central model Lenny is posing in the new styles below. In some photos, in order to show you the front of the shorts he is wearing a jock underneath.

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