Todd Sanfield by Kevin McDermott


Just Todd Sanfield, the island and no swimwear! Preview of the new book of Kevin McDermott here

War veterans Alex Minsky, Chris Van Etten, Frederick Montgomery in a shockingly amazing work by Tom Cullis: Make Whole Not War. Here

Patrick Frost by Brian Caminski for Charlie by Matthew Zink in one of the most sexy shoots we have seen this week. See it

Daniel Garofali by Rick Day, need to say more? Here


Father’s Day special event sale at International Jock. Check it out here

Tribute to the sponsors of our latest Win a Free pair competition. Visit Vocla

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheeky Boxer reviewed by Jets83

We like the new swimwear design Graffiti Xtreme by 2wink (pic below). We saw it here

2wink swimwear