We are delighted to show you today a new British brand for classic underwear lovers. The brand is called Lucky Pants and is based in London. Touching wood, throwing salt over your shoulder and avoiding ladders, could all become a thing of the past!

The founders, Will Chapman, Freddie Villiers and Charlie Villiers spent years in research (and finding the right suppliers), to create top quality underwear with sleek design and at an affordable price. Lucky Pants are designed in London and manufactured in Portugal. The fabric is a micro modal blend, possibly one of the softest yarns in men’s underwear today. As most of you know, modal is made from Beech trees, is moisture wicking, softer and tougher than cotton and known to retain its shape after washing better than most other fabrics.

The first collection of Lucky Pants comprises boxer briefs in four colour options. The silhouette is familiar to all classic underwear lovers: slim fit, long leg, functional fly and lining. The pouch has some contouring but not much as the fabric is quite stretchy by itself so it gives the right amount of support and space. The boxer briefs come in white or black combined with two different waistband designs: black with a white stripe at the top and, our favourite, black and white in a pied-de-poule pattern. The brand name is put on a label at the centre of the waistband and a nice, Liberty London, tag is placed on the left hip. It is a new take on classic underwear design, a classy approach with references to iconic fashion elements. We think this could be the beginning of a big brand name in the men’s underwear industry. Chapman and the Villiers brothers have acquired the international ‘Lucky Pants’ trademark and launched the brand initially in the UK and USA with great success. We really can’t wait to see what’s next from Lucky Pants!

Lucky Pants Lucky Pants Lucky Pants Lucky Pants Lucky Pants