by Stathis Kapravelos

Excited to write another review for a new and promising brand! The review today is about Lewd’s underwear boxer. The brand is based in Australia and is so new in the market that it has just launched its first collection of underwear. Despite the recent establishment of the brand, it looks like the owners know exactly what they want to offer – high class underwear at an affordable price. If you ask me, I can say that they’ve made it!

According to their site, the brand is paying attention to detail and cares not only about how their product looks but how it feels, aiming at a unique – high quality – garment, that meets the needs of the discerning gentlemen. It is worth mentioning that the brand believes deeply in the minimal impact on the environment and as a result, the fabric used for the underwear is bamboo based, 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the packaging is also fully recyclable and recycled, made by acid-free paper and printed with non-toxic ink. Big applause for the environmental attitude from me!

The designs and artistic prints used to complement the stylish underwear, are inspired by the streetwear trends. More specifically, the brand supports local artists in Regional New South Wales of Australia by projecting their work on the brand’s “canvas”, the underwear! As you can see in the photos below, the prints are used for the pocket at the front and at the finish of the leg openings. At their first collection, the brand presents three different prints and the base colour of the underwear is black. Now, it’s time we dug into the review!

Lewd underwear packaging

The paper box that Lewd underwear comes in.

Packaging: I am really satisfied with the final result of the packaging. Already mentioned, but the packaging is 100% recyclable and recycled. The brand takes the environment into account and that’s why it used recycled, acid free paper and non-toxic ink. *Thumbs up* from me! Well done. The paper box is quite thick featuring the logo of the brand at the top. At the bottom, the “motto” of the brand is printed, highlighting the desire to produce a unique product. The sides are used to determine the size and the print of the underwear. The box opens and closes using a magnetic system. The only improvement I would suggest is that because the package weighs more than a usual underwear package, the brand should try to make the packaging lighter – but maintain the shape and construction of it – to avoid high shipping costs.

Material: Continuing at their eco-friendly attitude, the brand uses a 95% bamboo and 5% spandex blend to construct the underwear. Bamboo, as expected, offers a great feel when it comes in contact with the body and hands. As a result, the underwear is really lightweight and soft, hugging your body smoothly. In a discussion I’ve had with the founder, Corey, I was informed that the printed fabric is also made from the same blend as the rest of the underwear. The waistband is soft, maybe not the softest I have ever touched so my next suggestion would be to try and use a softer material for the band.

Lewd underwear review

Stathis Kapravelos posing in Lewd underwear. Photo by Christina Doitsini.

Design: Here comes a very interesting part. From the first time I got in touch with the brand, I had the feeling that they wanted to offer something unique and I quote “something unlike anything else on the market” and I believe they have done just that! The first thing that I noticed and appreciated is the leather detail with the Lewd’s logo on the back that covers the stitching of the waistband. Positioning this leather patch at this spot is a well thought, and with a beautiful result, move. The care instructions are printed inside the back of the underwear preventing (unlike many other underwear) you from feeling labels rubbing against your skin. At the front and right hand side, there is a printed pocket for that “extra” you may need to snug into. At the same side, there is also the logo of the brand on the waistband. At this point, I would like to mention that I wouldn’t mind the logo to be placed on the opposite side, so as to provide a balance among the elements featured on the underwear. Furthermore, the leg openings are wide enough to fit my thighs and have a nice printed hem. Apart from that, the designer added an extra stitching on the inside part of the leg opening to avoid chafing. Concerning the pouch, even though I haven’t noticed any special contouring there, the support I expect from an underwear is satisfying. In addition, there is a fly opening at the right hand side of the pouch to help you when needed. Style-wise, the boxer itself is not a totally typical boxer brief, because it’s not short enough but also, not a classic pair of trunks because it’s not long enough. In my opinion, it’s more of a little shorter edition of a boxer brief.

Performance: The testing environment was different from previous underwear I reviewed. This time, I decided to test the boxer’s performance in a normal day without gym. I tested the underwear at a typical Greek Winter’s day when the weather is nice and sunny and the temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius. As you can guess, I did not sweat but I spent the whole day wearing this underwear, sitting on my desk at work and walking outside to commute to work. During the day, I felt support both at the front and back and I didn’t need to adjust the underwear at anytime. The performance of the fabric was great due to the breathability the bamboo fibers offer. The lightness and softness of the underwear made me feel like it was not there and I must say that I like this feeling a lot! On the one hand, you feel supported but on the other hand, it feels like there is no underwear inside your pants. Great work Lewd, well done!

Lewd underwear review

Stathis Kapravelos posing in Lewd underwear. Photo by Christina Doitsini.

Durability: According the the instruction garment of the underwear, it should be washed at 40 degrees. I did wash it at 40 degrees and as expected I didn’t notice any problems either on the fabric or the stitching. The shape and feel were retained too. The bamboo seems like it’s gonna hold well wash by wash.

Conclusion: The overall experience and feeling for both the underwear and the brand is really positive. I admire all founders who care seriously for the environment when designing their products and packaging. Lewd made possible to produce a highly eco-friendly quality underwear, support local artists and offer a product at an affordable price. I am glad that they sent me all their 3 first designs and were available to answer all my questions right away. I congratulate them with this review and wish them to keep on providing people the best products they can. Just one recommendation, please produce briefs! Recommended? Totally!

Stathis Kapravelos posing in Lewd underwear. Photo by Christina Doitsini.

Many thanks to Lewd for supplying the underwear and of course to Stathis Kapravelos for conducting the review and posing in the exclusive photos above. Special thanks also to Christina Doitsini, excellent photographer and friend who took the photos.