One of the up and coming trends in men’s underwear industry during the last few years has been underwear in beige tones. The advantage of this range is that the underwear becomes almost invisible under a white pair of trousers… well, if your skin colour matches that shade of beige. In women’s lingerie this trend has been around for decades offering women a huge range of styles in tones of beige. Very recently we have seen quite a few lingerie labels producing underwear in different skin tones to appeal to a wider audience. Several men’s underwear brands started creating underwear in beige but underwear for a variety of skin tones? We thought this day will come a lot later, but Charlie by Matthew Zink proved us wrong!

A new collection called Wood was presented by the American brand comprising underwear and tank tops in five shades to suit most skin tones: Bamboo, Cedar, Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. The whole collection is made from a high quality micromodal and comes in several styles to choose from. Prices start from 38 USD and they are available only via the official e-store of Charline by MZ which you can find here. Kudos to Matthew Zink for creating such a collection! We really hope it becomes a huge success, so other brands can follow his example and realise that there is more than just one skin colour!