Cellblock 13 gets inspired by American football to create a sports meet fetish gear collection called Gridiron and Jockstrap Central becomes one of the first retailers to have it! Jockstraps, fetish shorts, harnesses and armbands all made with a diamond textured black rubber and skin tight spandex. The jocks and shorts have pouches that are open at the top plus lace-up detailing for exposing possibilities. All the gear has the black rubber with detailing in either blue, grey, orange or red.

Cellblock 13 Gridiron Jockstrap

The jock is loaded with features with incredible detailing. The pouch is made with a soft nylon and spandex blend fabric with a textured rubber stripe. On the inside it is lined with the nylon-spandex so it’s not uncomfortable to wear. There are slick rubber side panels joining the pouch to the waistband. The waistband is sturdy, with a single racing stripe and large CELLBLOCK 13 written across the back. The waistband stops short up front and connects to reinforced panels with metal eyelets for the football style lace-up feature.

Cellblock 13 Gridiron Short Jock

The Gridiron Short Jock is a very nice looking fetish shorts design with large panels of the black textured rubber running down the outside of each leg. With the same pouch design, football lace-up feature, masculine waistband and make-a-statement CELLBLOCK 13 logo as the jockstrap above. The back is exposed featuring a cutout edged with black piping.

Cellblock 13 Gridiron Harness

It’s a completely stand alone harness worn on it’s own or match it up with all the other Gridiron gear. Made with two large upper chest armour panels of the same textured rubber – they sit just above your chest. Each chest plate contains a hidden pocket on the inside for your valuables! The panels lace together like traditional American football shoulder pads. Fully adjustable neoprene straps attach using black metal hardware.

Cellblock 13 Gridiron Armbands

Complete your Gridiron look with an armband (or two). A striking armband designed to show off your hard-earned biceps made with a wide band of textured black rubber with contrasting piping. The width is just over 2 inches wide. With a short tough elastic strip completing the band providing a solid fit.

In the photos below, French Canadian model Matthew is posing in the new designs for an exclusive to Jockstrap Central series of photos. We kept it very tame with the photos we show you, but rest assure Matthew is showing off this gear (among other things) in all its glory on the website of Jockstrap Central.