Our most loyal readers are very familiar with the Sergey and Andreus jocks of Barcode Berlin. We have written several articles about these iconic Jocks by Barcode Berlin. This timeless style is designed with a nod to BIKE No10 jock and has been consistently among the best-selling underwear in our shop. Last week we brought even more stock in so we can offer you the full range in all colours and all sizes.

If there was one jockstrap every man should have in their drawer this would be the Sergey or the Andreus Jock. Designed to fill the void in the underwear market after BIKE stopped producing jockstraps, Barcode Berlin has taken a well-known silhouette and brought it into a new era. Jockstraps are not just for athletes anymore, they passed into the mainstream as a sexy alternative to everyday underwear with growing popularity. Thanks to the super wide waistband and the snug pouch, the Sergey and Andreus Jocks give a different sense of comfort, one that feels like the most sensitive parts of your body are very well protected. These two jockstraps have been reproduced by Barcode for well over 5 years and they sell out every time!

The Sergey jockstrap is available in five colours and is possibly the most successful style of Barcode Berlin and one that defines this brand and what it stands for better than anything else. The Andreus jockstrap was released on a later date featuring the exact same style of the Segey jocks but in different colours and a more contemporary styling. The Andreus jockstrap is available in four colours bringing the total of available colours of this iconic jockstrap to 9.

Find this and more items from the German label in our shop which offers, as an independent retailer, one of the biggest collections of items from this brand in the world!

Barcode Berlin jockstrap Sergey

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