by Triston Brewer,

With over ten years in the men’s underwear game, Clever has always committed themselves to a high standard of fashion that has garnered them fans worldwide. From patterns and prints and everything in between, Clever has become a name associated with sensuality and modernity for the fashion forward man. The brand utilises a variety of fabrics from cotton to polyester to microfibre that conforms to the male physique and adds a layer of sensuality to their collections.

Their latest collection, Bauhaus, features prints, transparent panelling, and more, all created with the utmost in originality and a promising new look for the fall. There’s something for every man, every occasion:

Prints – choose from Garden (dark blue), Graffiti (blue), Cosmopolitan (black), Utopia (yellow), Indigo Jean (blue), and Denim Jean (blue), with all available in boxers and briefs.

Graffiti Piping Brief by Clever.

Pick & Go – choose from Aura (black or white), Classy Icon (silver or grape), or Basic and Classic (black or white), all available in boxers and briefs.

Classic Brief by Clever.

Sport – choose from Spaceman Brief (white or green), and Revolution (coral or green), Roma (grey or grape), or World Citizen (green grey), available in boxers and briefs.

Roma Piping Brief by Clever.

Elite – choose from Navy Latin (green or brown), Jocker (white, grey), Mark Latin (blue or green), all available in boxers and briefs.

Jocker Classic brief by Clever.

Sexy – choose from Majestic Latin (blue or green), Symbol Latin (beige), Trendy Boxer (black, or white), Trendy Latin Brief (black or white), New Wave Brief (black or white), Navy Matrix Brief (green or brown), Sublime Jockstrap (black, white, or blue), Navy Thong (green or brown), Romeo Boxer (black or white), Romeo Latin Brief (black or white), Magnificent Boxer (black or white) Magnificent Classic Brief (black or white), Gigolo Jockstrap (black or white), Boricua Dance Matrix Brief (black or white), Samba Brief (black or white), Zero Point Cheeky Brief (red or black), Ammolite Latin Boxer (black or white), Mesh Thong (black or white).

Ammolite Latin boxer by Clever.

Swimwear – choose from the Zipper Swimsuit Brief (black or white), New Zealand Swimsuit Brief (blue), Breeze Swimsuit Brief (dark blue), Summertime Swimsuit Brief (orange), Lagoon Swimsuit Brief (green), Lagoon Short, (blue), Summertime Short (orange), New Zealand Swimsuit Trunk (dark blue), Breeze Swimsuit Trunk (dark blue), New Zealand Long Short (dark blue), Breeze Long Short (dark blue), Bananas Long Short (white), Flag Swimsuit Brief (red), UK Swimsuit Brief (red).

Zipper Swimsuit Brief by Clever.

Apart from the designs shown in the selected photos, you can discover all the rest in the official website of Clever. Many stores already have in stock a good part from this collection (it includes ongoing designs from previous collections as well) but do stay tuned as we will be showing you more points of sale very soon!