The model we feature today is Stef van Geleuken and his recent collaboration with Martijn Smouter for an editorial featuring the latest swimwear designs by Garçon Model. Stef is a Dutch young model, he is 188 cm tall and has a very interesting face. He is signed with Max Models in The Netherlands and has worked for advertising campaigns and editorials in magazines worldwide. Martijn Smouter is also a young Dutchman and very talented fashion photographer. His work was featured in numerous magazines in Europe but also in other publications around the globe. The swimwear you see Stef wearing are from the Graffiti collection by Garcon Model. This collection is the first of the Canadian brand and comprises swim briefs and swim shorts in five colour combinations.


Photographer: Martijn Smouter
Model: Stef van Geleuken
Swimwear: Garçon Model